Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day Ten......

NEXT time I get a brilliant idea like this......

.....please remember to wedge a tube of 80SPF sunscreen in my knapsack when I'm not looking.

Christ.....they are gonna hafta amputate my arms and much for the shorts and T-Shirt ride across the desert.

No Daylight Savings Time in dark here at 7:15pm.

Left the Avi Casino and Resort and did an easy cruise of 300 miles, again, most of it on I-40 (not for safety, but because there ARE NO parallel back roads heading East-West....thus, no other option). Swung through Oatman, Aridzona, stopped at a pub there with dollar bills entirely wallpapering the place, and had a pint and toasted my brother, who had pints with me at this exact same bar in 2004, but, sadly, could not be with us this trip......... he has no more vacation time offa work.

Downtown Oatman, Aridzona

Wild burros outside of Oatman

In 2004 on the aforementioned trip through Oatman, I had thought the drive in a car on Route 66 was amazing!!!!'s nothing compared to doing it on a skooter (or a motorcycle, or, hell, a bicycle for that matter)!!!!

Shit!! Have I actually gone 1800 miles???

.....really didn't think the Helix would make it to L.A., personally.......


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