Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day Eleven.....
(This one goes to eleven)

After leaving the Avi Casino and Resort outside of Laughlin, I HAD planned originally to hit Flagstaff, AZ and go North to Tuba City to spend the night there for Day Ten.

Figuring that I could swing by the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert as well as Monument Valley on my way to Pagosa Springs, it'd be a great idea.

Well, there were a whopping three lodging options, and they fell into the following -

Option A) - a place that one review had stated "I wouldn't allow the skunks that roam freely in my backyard spend a night in this dump" (as well as several other negative reviews). Given THAT ringing endorsement, plus a $55 - $70 tab per night.....errrmmmm.......no.

Option B) - A dormitory-type concrete structure where you did get a private room, but there was no smoking allowed at all, and no Internet and you had to share a bafroom. Started at $70 per night.....to which I said: "Dine' (pronounced 'dinn-a'), pul-eeeeze"

Option C )- Was a standard, cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill Quality Inn....except it trained Dine' students studying in the travel and hospitality field....

.....and they wanted $115 - plus per night. To which I also said: "Dine', PUL-EEEZE!!!!

I has decided to pass on all those lovely options and go thirty miles out of my way and take a rest in Holbrook, Aridzona. There is absolutely NOTHING remarkable about this small town along I-40 whatsoever. Nice people, decent place.....just nothing at all unique, sadly.

Left Holbrook (the family that the town is named after claims actor Hal Holbrook as a cousin of some sort) the morning of Day Eleven and, after about 100 miles, FINALLY was able to git the hell offa the Interstate, at Gallup, New Mexico!

Fucking hell....talk about the town that time forgot and the land of broken dreams where places like "The Route 66 Motel" and "Joey's Diner" lie boarded up with tumbleweeds flickering by. Was grabbing a quick bite at a Taco Hell in Gallup when a man asked to use my cell phone. I said sure, and he called 911, and he told me he was staying at a seriously scary ratty-ass motel across the street and somebody broke into his room and stole his backpack.

Police arrived 45 minutes later.....niiiiiccce........

A good place to leave.....

So, took Highway 666 (the death highway, as it's sometimes referred to, due to the huge number of traffic fatalities from drink-driving accidents) through the eastern end of the Dine' ("Navajo") reservation to Shiprock, New Mexico and a scaled-down version of Monument Valley, but still.....a nice, scenic ride!!

Found it interesting that they screwed up the housing for the Dine' - This picture is shot with me facing NorthEast (East is thee sacred direction where all doors of Dine' houses and hogans must face).......notice the direction that they actually DO face (West) -

That'd be the Feng Shui equivalent of plastering the number 4 all over your house!!! Cuuuute.........

Got between Durango, Colorado and Pagosa Springs, Colorado when a white pickup truck pulled up next to me at a red light.

"Whoa.....did you actually RIDE that thing all the way from Oregon???"

"Yep.....took a side detour as well to Los Angeles as well!"

"Holy shit!!! WOW.......THAT'S impressive. Be safe....."

All in all.....an easy 320-mile ride. Even though I was still in a desert, because of the chill due to both, a more Northern latitude as well as a higher elevation, I had to wear long pants and my thick hoodie, thus, giving me ample protection against the evil sun.

Swung by the Pagosa Bar (what I was told it's actually called) and hung with the locals. Apparently, they weren't affected by Colorado's retarded smoking ban, as I'd met a couple named Jeff and Cindy, from Scottsdale, Aridzona. They wanted to construct a frisbee golf course on a Pagosa Springs public park. Explained that I wasn't familiar with City of Pagosa Springs Comprehensive Plan nor their Zoning Code as well as compatible uses for parkland and such (Christ.....trying ta git the hell away from planning.....keeps following me!). Explained that I couldn't answer away their concerns during an evening over pints, but gave them some very general universal information and direction and told 'em I'd give 'em a plug -

So, if you are passing through the Pagosa Springs area in Early June - attend the town council meeting and bring signs that state: "I want my disc golf course!!!!"

Found a cute little bunkhouse - cabin-ette room at a motel here in Pagosa Springs. Obviously, no Internet.....but, for once, thass a GOOD thing!!

CN250 NOT liking altitude at all.......carb starting to sputter slightly and skooter starting to hiccup and misfire occasionally.

But then again, I'm above 6500 feet and the carb was precisely calibrated and tuned at zero feet sea level. Plus I.....uhhhh.....kinda put off adjusting the lean-rich idle mixture screw on the carb. Aw well.....maybe another time!

More soon......


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HRD said...

Being a one-time veteran of the Rochester (NY) Pro-Am Flying Disc Open - placing 8th as an amateur - I strongly support Pagosa Springs' efforts to install a proper flying-disc golf course. Sweet!