Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day Four......

Nothing of note, really. Had only 373 miles to my friend's place in Los Angeles, so I decided to break that up in to two easy rides of 220 today and 153 miles tomorrow.

Ended up getting a two-fer this night: Got a legitimate chain hotel room (thus, no paper-thin walls, no scary neighbours, etc. etc.) AND kept BELOW my maximum daily budget for lodging!! Got a Super 8 in Lompac, California for $45 (with coupon clipped out of scary motel booklet).

Getting out of the ancient redwood trees of the Northern California coast rainforests and into a more arid terrain.

Uneventful ride, except that I rode thru San Luis Obispo, California and froze my ass off. There was some weird cloud inversion that caused fog in the area around the city and in the valley and it was, like, 40 degrees!!!

No pics today.....move on.....there's nothing to see here.....


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