Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day Five.....

....in the City of Angels....

EASY cruise (153 miles) into West Hollywood to see my friends, Pitz and Beia. Got some long-awaited luxuries, such as being able to do laundry and direct orders from Pitz and Beia to sit by the pool with a beer (which they kindly provided me with) and do nothing for the next two days!

Ever see the 90's TV show "Melrose Place"??

I swear to god, they filmed it here! Either that, or they used this complex as a blueprint when they built the set for that show. Pool in the middle of the courtyard, totally square building, just too weird.

Christ.....did I really used to watch this show before going out nightclubbing? (I read somewhere that Josie Bissett and Laura Leighton had to do, like, five takes of this scene because the both couldn't stop themselves from laughing).

I'm vegging, sitting by the pool reading, walking around L.A. down Melrose Blvd. and Beverly Blvd. and Sunset, and just basically decompressing for the next two days.......nothing much to write about......more in a couple days when I ride out to my next stop, Laughlin, Nevada...


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