Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day One.....

Christ......why do I keep second-guessing the decision to actually DO this? Why am I really scared?? Better yet, WHY AM I doing this??

Did I actually THINK STUFF OUT???? Like.....errrmmmm......maybe if the skooter totally dies and the cost of repair exceeds the actual purchase price?? It's indeed a mega-skooter.....but it is similar to a motorcycle in that are car drivers always going to be able to see me?? What if i git into an accident?? Fortunately, I had placed a tiny stick-on plastic envelope on the back of my helmet with all my vitals on the enclosed paper. Thanx for giving me that, J.O.

So, after sleeping for 16 hours the day (Tuesday April 29th) I got back from Asia and not sleeping at all the next night (Jet Lag from HELL!), I left The Ranch in Cedar Mill on May Day and took off West.

I had simply intended to make the first stop point Lincoln City, Oregon (about maybe 100 miles from Portlandia - getting no sleep the night before and STILL being jet lagged, I wanted to make this leg short)) and then, on the second day, do the 230 miles to a town on the Oregon - California border called Brookings, Oregon (as shamelessly ripped off from below). Based on limited funds, during stop-over points where I know nobody, I will get to know rat-bag motels reeeaallly well.......

Driving Distance: 106 miles

Driving Time: 2 hours, 15 minutes

Arrival Date: 05/01/08

This is a really stupid route........ya cut through McMinnville (like I did)......Rand McNally really should ace their geographers.....

Driving Distance: 227 miles

Driving Time: 4 hours, 55 minutes

Arrival Date: 05/02/08

Took off late on MayDay (like, 2PM), packed up all my stuff, stopped shaking, and hopped on the Helix and took off.

The thrill and adrenaline pretty much took over and I blew past Lincoln City and nothing of any significance had occurred, good or bad, and I finally decided to stop for the night in Florence, Oregon.

This is definitely "Skooter-on-101" as I plan on taking this road all the way to Los Angeles, the point where I'll have my first night crashing at a friend's place.

Here's a pic......

More tomorrow.....gonna try to make Crescent City, California.....



HRD said...

Kinda funny that after leaving Asia you're heading for the state with the highest Asian population in the USA. Might one surmise that you have a case of the Yellow Fever? Hmmmm ...

With a little luck you won't run into any Shanghainesians ...errrr, Shang Hinies ... ummm ... Shenanigans.

Bon Voyage!

CN250 said... yellow fever.....just that riding through Coastal California in a southward direction is a LOT nicer then trying to cross the Cascades or Northern Rocky Mountains in early May.

Skooters on snow aren't fun.... :-)