Monday, June 9, 2008

Day Thirty Nine....

An uneventful and very easy ride from Tallahassee to the Tampa Bay Area with the exception of the fact that I could not locate Oldsmar, Florida....the suburb that my cousin lives in, and everyone I asked gave me conflicting directions on HOW to get to Oldsmar (NONE of which were correct - see??? THAT'S why men generally don't ask for directions)!!!

Rode in a wonderful rainstorm for the last 20 minutes of the ride.

WHY was it "wonderful"??

Hmmm.....well, after Tallahassee's oppressing humidity and stifling temperatures, this was an 83 degree rain shower.....rain wasn't cold, but cool....and it just felt really nice!! Tampa is a world of difference from Tallahassee in terms of climate!! Bein' near the Gulf will do that for ya!!

All in all, a mellow, easy cruise of 250 miles that I coulda slept through.

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Saw a few things I was wondering about......

Saw this license plate -

, I generally have mixed opinions on the entire abortion issue, but IRREGARDLESS what views you have of the issue, government shouldn't be putting out STATE/TAXPAYER-FUNDED license plates like this. NOR should they offer a license plate that says "Keep Abortion Legal" or something like that!!

It just really, reeeaaalllly strongly implies the state's official blessing of a certain political, personal, religious, etc. view on an issue.

THAT is just wrong......

I mean, no......just about all of the other optional license plates are fine. Like, in Buffalo, you can get a New York State license plate of The Buffalo Bills.....and New York State had Goddamm BETTER offer it's official blessing of the Bills (since they ARE THEE ONLY FOOTBALL TEAM that plays within the borders of New York State).

I myself have a Crater Lake license plate issued by the State of Oregon (I think that the State of Oregon supporting Crater Lake National Park is not going to cause much controversy), and even the Colorado optional license plate that says "Respect Life" on it is cool, because the label on the plate is of a Columbine flower (Colorado's official state flower) and it was issued simply to remember the horrors of the 1999 Columbine High School nightmare. Even though the anti-abortion zealots have tried to hijack this "respect life" plate and twist it to fit their own agenda, there is ZERO State of Colorado sanctioning for that view on the respect-life state-funded license plate!!

I don't know WHAT Louisiana is thinking.....but Florida has one of these type plates, too...and the meaning is obvious....anti-abortion.

Things and issues like that, pro or con, should be left offa license plates.....

But it was this pic that inflamed my fury -

I mean, ENUFF IS ENUFF!!! I mean, throughout history, have we not had enuff hatred and abuse heaped upon European-Americans in the Deep South....and now this!!


I mean, thee most offensive part about this is that it is STATE-SANCTIONED racism, brought to you by the Florida State Park Service!!!

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OK.....reeeeaaaalllly sorry....but this is going to be THE FINAL adjustment for the remainder of the Tampa/Oldsmar to Buffalo section of the ride. I'm really up against a few deadlines......

FT. LAUDERDALE / HOLLYWOOD – Wednesday 11 June 2008

TALLAHASSEE (redux - ONE NIGHT ONLY) - Sunday 15 June 2008

ATLANTA – Monday 16 June 2008

VIRGINIA BEACH – Friday 20 June 2008

D.C. / ALEXANDRIA – Saturday 21 June 2008

NEW YORK CITY – Sunday 22 June 2008

MONTREAL – Tuesday 24 June 2008

WILSON – Thursday 26 June 2008

BUFFALO – Friday 27 June 2008

BRUCE BEACH – Thursday July 3rd, 2008

Trust me....this schedule CANNOT BE FURTHER ADJUSTED.....'cause I'm already running outta time....sooooo, except for The Helix up and dying (God forbid) or something weird like that....go by the scheduled dates above! That is pretty much the gospel truth from now on out!

A whole buncha of pics from post.


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