Monday, June 16, 2008

Day Forty Seven....

"What really went on there?
We only have this excerpt....."
The Fall
Cruisers Creek

Basically, since I had nooooo idea when I'd be back to Tallahassee, since this was thee last night there for me (and I DID swear by that).....

......I hadta make it count!

Shit.....boy did I ever!

I really don't remember much.......lemme piece together what I can, i DO remember taking a few maybe they'll piece some things together.....

Left Kissimmee around 1PM-ish after brekker at Friendly's.....wanted to get Ice Scream (I love Friendly's....too bad there's, like, ten of 'em left nationwide), but was too full after french toast, so I leave.

Eeeeeeasy ride to Tallahasse.......about 270 miles......perfect weather - some rain......some sun......just right. Pulled in to Chef Bill's estate around 6PM-ish and shortly, we are sipping some very nice Chardonnay.

"Sooo.....whass the game plan for this eve, Ace?" I asked.

Bill responded: " friend Jesse invited us to a get-tigether and cookout at his place, then I got to take you to The Beta Bar."

"Right! Sounds easy and fun enough......"

Riiiiiiigggght.......famous last words....

So, we grab a couple twelves for this get-together, and head over to Jesse's place.

Fun time.....met some great people and hung out with a few that I had already known.....

OK....lemme see if I can git this straight -
Foreground l to r - Ross, Walt
Background l to r - Jenna, Shelly, Bill, Georgia and Mandy
NOT PICTURED - A whole bunch of people whose names I didn't catch.....

Shelly was kinda she was about to have Jenna fotograff her eating the head off of Jenna's wombat (or whatever the hell that thing is). Georgia's eyes turn red with delight during this ritual....the wombat looks bored.....


.....and, like midnight or some shit like that, a bunch of us pile into cars and head to this Beta Bar place.

Thass where things get a bit hazy.

It was 80's night there. No band, nothing. Just danse music from that glorious decade...., you've got to understand - I generally despise eighties nights simply because the music that is almost always played during these nights just absolutely fucking blows! It's thee worst of the eighties that some no-talent wankshaft DJ goes out to Wal-Mart and grabs a K-TEL CD called "Remember Those Eighties" or some shit like that, pops it on the sound system, and proceeds to take a nap!

Trust me....from Sarasota to Shanghai and everywhere in's the same tripe played on eighties nights around the Earf.

I have nothing against eighties nights per se, but for Chrissakes, they did put out some good music during that play it!!!!!!

This Beta Bar place looked like a serious overload of dry ice and cigarette smoke. could NOT make out facial definition and features of the person that you were dancing with. This effect may have been done intentionally.....

Tried this shot using a flash - the light from the flash refracted off of the fog/smoke and blared directly back into my face, blinding me for half the evening.....that pic didn't come out.....that fotograff just ended up looking like a bunch of people were dancing outdoors in Portland at nine A.M. sometime in January.

Vaguely remember looking at their beer cooler cabinet, and seeing almost every Goddamm thing that Unibroue puts out available in bottle!!

So, basically......Unibroue products are more readily available in all parts of Florida then they are in Western Canada........interesting.....

Well, I'm certainly NOT one to let an opportunity to enjoy La Fin du Monde go unanswered!!!!

This was a mistake.....La Fin du Monde was never meant to be consumed as a sort of "nightclub beer"'s a sipping beer that's enjoyed over good food and good conversation with friends!!

When Unibroue products are attempted to be consumed in a nightclub sort of manner, the results are often not favourable......use Labatt Blue for that purpose.

After that point, I can only recall the following -

- I was trying to hold a conversation with Jenna.....but everytime I spoke, words came out identical to the speech pattern of parents and teachers in the Peanuts cartoons.

- I had tried to explain to people that, no, I could NOT stay another night in Tallahassee......simply because I'd probably never leave. And if I did not leave Tallahassee, I'd probably not survive to see my next birthday......

- Chef Bill lost his wallet.......but it was found, with ca$h and plastique cards intact, somewhere near the bar at 2:45am.

- A friend of mine was quite concerned about his latest unrequited love. I advised him that I was thee expert on such situations, and suggested that he stalk this girl aggressively.....

- I consumed some sort of meat-like product from Whattaburger on the ride home. I literally don't remember what it was....but I ate the goddamm pickles that they mistakenly had placed on it. Don't ask me why.....

- Throughout the evening, I took a series of random pictures on the patio of the Beta Bar:

l to r: E, Drew, Jenna, Chef Bill and Rachael

I can't remember this girl's name for the life of me. She told it to me twice, but by that time, it reached my ears in Peanuts adult/teacher/parent speak that I could not comprehend.

So, being frustrated at not being able to comprehend or remember her name, I placed her in a Roddy Piper-like "sleeper hold".

Jimmy and I.

Rachael and Jimmy.


Jimmy and Rachael.

A cool gentleman who refers to himself as "Trek"

I didn't ask.....

Trek, Bill and Jimmy.

I think I finally got into bed at 5AM-ish........

I HAD planned today to grab a motel somewhere vaguely near downtown / midtown Atlanta, and then go hang in Little Five Points, and mellow at The Euclid Street Yacht Club and The Star Bar......and just enjoy life.

As it turned out - A) - Could NOT find ANY room within ten miles of Little Five Points for less than a hundred buxx!!! And B) - Simply the mere thought of hanging at a bar literally sent me into heaving, that I skipped THAT idea!!!

So I got a really nice extended-stay suite for $39.00 in North Atlanta's sprawling suburbs, lived the strip-mall lifestyle forra night, and took it easy.

A nice, mellow, fun 300 mile ride from Tallahassee to Marietta, Georgia.

Tomorrow's ride? 10 miles. Hanging with my friends Jerry and Ivanna and getting the rear tyre changed out on The Helix.....



HRD said...

Looks like you'll be coming back to Portland with a new girlfriend ... or will you move to Tallahassee straitaway? ;-)

CN250 said...

New girlfriend?? Move to Tallahassee? Honestly, Ace....where ya git this stuff from??

Nada nada enchilada on both counts.

Can't fit a girl on the back of The Helix without abandoning all of my stuff that currently occupies the passenger seat....

AIN'T moving to Tallahassee straight away either. I think I have several more years remaining in my life, and moving to Tallahassee would shorten my lifespan significantly!

Too much sunshine, anyways.....