Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day Forty Five.....

Me, The Helix and the EEE pc were having a few Coronas ('cause it's too Goddamm hot and humid here to actually attempt to drink any other brand of beer, save for maybe Labatt Bleue) and some cigarettes on the front patio of my friend Mehala's apartment in Hollywood, Florida.....

Ya know, E,” said the CN250 “the three of us have rang up a lotta miles.”

He ain't wrong there” said the EEE pc.

Yeah....Christ.....coast-to-coast the LONG way” I agreed. “Northwest to Southeast. Wow.....”

Well,” continued The Helix “If you think about it......unless you want to see if I can float......we really cannot get any further from home from this point.....and I mean in all respects – meteorologically, geographically, and culturally.....”

Shit!!! Tell ME about it!” chimed in the EEE pc. “I mean, if I git anymore of these Goddamm little teensy red ants crawling around my circuit boards, I'm gonna blow a fuse!!!

Yeah....and if I get anymore than the two dozen or so weird-ass itchy bites I already have all up and down my legs, I'M gonna blow a fuse!!” I stated.

The Asus and the Honda nodded silently in agreement.....

The Helix continued - “
I've been thinking....maybe we should wrap this shit up. Head towards home......we've done enuff and we've seen enuff.....maybe head back North or West......preferably both, actually...."

EEE pc jumped in - “
Yeah......I'd reeeaally have to agree there.....

I finished it there. “
Either direction is good....and both are better.....but I gotta few people I have to see first. Agreed. No more more East. Let's head North tomorrow.......

We sat in silent agreement for a while.......


E, if you is gonna kill that last pint, ya want me to go out and grab another sixer?

Naw, it'd raise too many eyebrows, Helix. As an old friend of mine from Buffalo was fond of saying – 'Let's call it a night, guys.'”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hollywood Downtown was interesting, if not a bit kitschy. Couple cool pubs, restaurants, and a bizarre mix of low-end shops and a few high-end ones.

Walked into one pub that actually served Black Jack Porter (my second-favourite porter of all time, behind Alaska Smoked Porter)! I've NEVER seen that outside of the State of Colorado! Whilst it still tasted amazing, it was about as comforting drinking a porter in South Florida in mid-June as it is to turn on the air-conditioning in Western New York in January!!

Still, though......had an awesome time in South Florida! For which, I owe Mehala, her folks, and her friends Nick and Karen a huge thank you! Always making sure that I was never hungry and always making sure that I had a nice place to crash during my Hollywood segment of this ride.

LOTSA cool stuff. Mehala got me hooked onto a really cool (albeit no longer aired) TV show called Firefly, and had an amazing South Indian feast for Thursday Night's dinner.....courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. V (pictured below with Mehala at left) -

Really weird place Mehala's parents reside in. I mean, it has a drop-dead stunning view from their balcony......but structurally, it really reminded me of certain sections of Toronto......except the area had nothing resembling a vibrant urban atmosphere, but does possess a view of Biscayne Bay that really makes any view from a tower on Jarvis street, seem, well.....lame!

Had one of thee biggest highlights of this adventure on Friday when we went kayaking in Biscayne Bay (no pics - didn't want the digital camera going forra swim). Thanks a million to Full Moon Kayak.......
check 'em here

Followed by a dinner Thursday Night in South Beach at Nick and Karen's place, and a relaxing evening at a sports pub drinking beers and watching karaoke!

But still.....cooler and less humid climates await.....we're halfway now......and it's time to begin the ride home.....

Rest in peace,
Tim Russert......Go Bills!

Gonna stop and have a mickey with Mickey tomorrow in Kissimmee......


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