Sunday, July 27, 2008

Days Eighty Eight and Eighty Nine.....

"Reno was an aimless girl, a Geographic memory...."
The Nails
88 Lines About 44 Women

Thank Christ Amtrak was late as per usual.....this enabled me to get five hours of sleep instead of just three.

Train was two hours late getting into Denver on Saturday Morning (got in at 9:45am instead of the scheduled 7:15am).....which was just fine by me.

Had a very scenic (albeit long) train ride and cruised into Reno only three hours behind schedule.

I have almost no issues with Amtrak. POSSIBLY their on-time arrival stats, but still, anybody with a brain KNOWS that you do not take the train in the U.S. if you actually want to get somewhere at or near an exact time. Plus, factor in WHY they're constantly late - Amtrak, you see, is at thee very bottom of the ladder when it comes to rail priority. Freight trains always will blow by whilst you're sitting on a parked Amtrak train.

(Personally, I think this is bullshit, as originally, back in the 1800's, the United States Government GAVE the railroad barons the land for them to construct their railroads for since the U.S. Government [kinda] owns Amtrak, I feel that Amtrak trains should be given priority.....ESPECIALLY since the lost time in delays for freight trains would almost be negligible based on the fact of how few Amtrak trains there actually ARE running out there!)

But thass neither here nor there.....

But yeah, I have no issues with Amtrak. For some reason, they seated me in the differently-abled section of the train. Having two full stretch-out seats to myself.....well, who was I to complain?

Do you reeeaaallly think that's cranberry juice in that bottle?

Made it to Reno three hours late on Sunday afternoon at 1:30PM. No biggie.....I hafta meet my mum TOMORROW night, so I wasn't in a huge hurry to git here.

More later....


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