Friday, April 11, 2008

OK....QUICK interruption here....


I have NEVER been so infuriated in MY LIFE!!!

What is this woman talking about??? QUOTE: "I thought I lived in America, where I had a right to privacy," Elgin City Council member Sue Moore fumed.

Excuse me, YOU are to serve the PUBLIC TRUST. You are on a Planning Commission or a City Council?? Then shit MUST be transparent!! Deal with it....accept it.....or go back into the Goddamm Private Sector (or, better yet, move to New York State)!!!!!

I could tell you storied about planning that'd make your head spin (but, I WOULD like a good reference and, thus, another Urban Planning position in the State of Oregon, so I won't). But the fact that Oregon strives for accountability and transparency is to be admired, not criticised!!, back to your regularly scheduled travelogue.......


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