Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well.....the EEE pc came through with flying colours. Nailed ALL Wi-Fi signals and did splendidly on all RJ-47 LAN connections with no difficulty. Didn't have to endure any GRUELING tests, though, like, say, seeing if it could survive a 371 metre drop from the Jetsons tower (I think its real name is the Oriental Pearl TV and Radio tower.....or something like that) or seeing if it could survive having drunken Uyghers pour beer all over it or anything.......but still, it didn't let me down, soooo........

...hell, as I was typing this in the darkness whilst crossing the International Date line, a flight attendant saw me typing on the EEE pc and went apeshit!!! “OMG!!! Whaaaa??? Where??? WOW!!! How.....?” I gave him all the details on how much ($350 - $450 depending...), where I suggest buying it (www.newegg.com) , the operating system (LINUX), etc. etc. etc.

Vietnamese chicks really dug the EEE pc.......

STILL, though.....its toughest ordeal lies ahead. I mean, Part II of Road Trip From Hell is not gonna be a series of seven ultra-smooth flight segments and a mellow (albeit slow) overnight train ride throughout a three-week time frame.

I mean, this thing is in for a rough ride the next three months as on Wednesday, it'll be “Helix, meet EEE pc. EEE pc, I'd like to introduce you to your new best friend, Helix”

Naw......it'll be interesting to see which one dies first.......

I swear.....literally.....I almost forgot how to use WinBlows XP.

Just sucks that I had to end a really enjoyable adventure in SouthEast Asia by spending a week in Shanghai......

You cannot judge a nation by one place....otherwise, after Guangzhou, I woulda thought that China was neat.......but then I went to Shanghai and found out that -

  • The Shanghainese really don't like each other at all (for all this Chinese philosophy of how Chinese society functions when the one becomes part of the whole and all that bullshit). Naw......they can't fucking stand one another!!

  • NOBODY who I've talked to (several people) and asked who lives there really likes Shanghai at all!!!

I really can't stand this place......I'm homesick, people are not friendly here at all, I'm Asia-ed out and I really want to go home. Yeah, I had amazing times in Bangkok and especially Hanoi (I mean, “Plan Y” has me coming back to one of those two cities!), but it just sucks that I had to end this adventure on a low note by spending a week in Shanghai.

I mean, my sister who is a serious, SERIOUS Asiaophile (cinema, culture, anything at all Asian) and who LOVES MegaCities (making an annual pilgrimage to New York City).....and you'd put the two together.....and you'd figure that Shanghai would be like being in EIGHTH Heaven (not Seventh Heaven, 'cause 8 is a good number in China) for her....................

.....errrmmmm....no. Even my sister didn't care for Shanghai. No, she didn't despise it as much as I do, but still....if she didn't care for it, then THAT is saying something about this place.

For me, Shanghai is probably tied as thee shittiest place I have ever visited (tied with Miami.....except that the air is cleaner in Miami, the ground in Miami has more trash and litter, and the people in Miami are more belligerent).

Much like what Pennington (of the British) said in Kentucky Fried Movie's A Fistful of Yen.....yes, it's worse than Detroit!

Prologue for Part II of Road Trip From Hell coming up in a tomorrow!

Hope ya enjoyed this!!


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