Friday, April 6, 2007

Noooo? He's serious.....

What a dipshit.

He's actually DOING IT.

I mean, yesterday, he cleaned out my crankcase breather, oil filtre and changed my spark plug and my oil.....but I thought he'd stop hallucinating about this idiotic plan come Friday Morning.....

....guess not.....

I'd seen all the shit he wants to cram in my which I say: "Wankshaft, pul-eeeeze!!"

I can just see myself floating in Newport Bay (or San Francisco Bay, for that matter) after I blow a head gasket and he has a fit and does a Quadrophenia ending....except off of a bridge instead of the cliffs.......wouldn't THAT suck?

He's coming, got to run now. I'll try to find a a place along the way to tell you I'm still alive!!


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