Monday, December 7, 2009

Well, I DID figger it out.....finally.....

OK - as mentioned in the most recent post, there was some rather weird activity on my Blogger account in terms of certain people looking at the page.

As I suspected, I was correct -

It turns out that somebody launched a spam-bot program on mine and several other people's blogs which places spam adverts on the "comments" section of blog posts. Thusly, if you happen to look at blog posts I have posted many months ago, you will find thee best place on the Internet to buy high-quality, yet inexpensive, handbags.

Cute, eh?


In any respect, I'm heading outta Hai Phong shortly.....dates for the E Winter 2009-2010 U.S. Tour are below (pronounced in an obnoxious New Yawk accent):

December 10th - December 15th: Portlandia, Ora-gaaaan

December 16th - December 19th: Las Vegas, Nevaaaada

December 20th - January 1st: Buffalo, New York

January 2nd - January 4th: Lexington, Kentucky

January 6th - January 12th: Portlandia, Ora-gaaaaaan

January 15th - End of tour party: Hai Phong, Vietnam.

More tomorrow from the airport.....



CN250 said...

Shit - me via E-Mail if ya need my StateSide telephone number whilst I'm back!


Bernadette said...

I hope to see you on Jan 6th when you're back in Portlandia.
Honey Mama

HRD said...

As I've said before, Facebook is killing blogging.

It is truly sad when everyone posts there information on just one single corporate entity's servers: Big Facebook. People are lemmings. How people can follow just one large conglomerate is beyond me.

Well, I suppose if Hitler conned the masses, so can Facebook.

CN250 said...

Ace - you IS ahead of your time.....predicting news stories months before they actually come out!

Well, given that most people in today's society want FAST-QUICK-BRIEF-CONCISE-and NOW........Facebook pretty much gives them that.....

But, no.....I'm gonna break the trend and be a dinosaur and get back to blogging!


HRD said...

I beg to differ. I am the Master of the Obvious!