Saturday, November 28, 2009


There appears to be some dodgy shit goin' on wiff my blog. Until I can get more information....I'm gonna refrain from posting forra bit.

(No, it's nothing life-threatening or dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just did a bit of research regarding this blog, and something weird is going on that may involve hacking and/or until I find out WHAT exactly is going on.....please stay tuned)

Which kinda sucks - 'cause I had a fair amount that I wanted to write......but all in good time....




HRD said...

Dude, logging into your own blog account does NOT constitute 'hacking'.

- V -

E said...

No - ain't me. Just that some months back, I popped on a StatCounter tracker on the blog (there were a few individuals and/or groups that I really wanted to see if they were following this blog).

And I discovered something rather disturbing on the tracking results - from different geographical locations all over the world (NONE of which I can recognise, like Denver, Buffalo, PDX, etc. etc.) and all are tracked only one time and all are with different IP addresses and ALL with ONE COMMON THREAD -

That common thread is the trace line on under last page came from on ALL of 'em says and Off the Road&publishMode=PUBLISH_MODE_BLOGSPOT&navbarType=BLUE&layoutType=CLASSIC&
What the hell was I thinking???

Now - look at where it says PUBLISH_MODE_BLOGS (and it ALWAYS has a different blog name right before that, which makes me suspect that a spammer, spoofer, or SOMEBODY'S cracked my account). What THAT means is that's what shows up on StatCounter trackers when I MYSELF publish a LEGITIMATE why is this showing up for somebody else.

Can't contact Google, really....and an E-Mail to StatCounter asking them what they suspect this might be from, came back with the reply: "Oh, I see. Well, did you block StatCounter from recording YOUR OWN visits?"

Lady, just HOW fucking stooopid DO you think I am?? Obviously, you think I is more stooopider that you is.....

I'll show ya when I get home what it is.....but I don't know who and what are doing this.....irritating....


HRD said...

Change your blog login password (BillsUberAlles is so yesterday) and be done with it, but first use all available anti-spyware programs to scan your computers to make sure there's nothing malicious hanging around. Also, if you haven't already done so, secure your wi-fi connection.

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