Saturday, May 2, 2009

Absurd......thass thee only word I can think of right now....... am I learning what patience is.

STILL waiting (three weeks later) for Internet access in BOTH, my new school and my new house that I just rented.

The Vietnamese do NOT move very......uhhhhh........quickly......

Can't really post anything comprehensive and intelligent as ANYPLACE with Wi-Fi here in the screaming party town that is Hai Phong closes at around 11pm!

Little bit more time for the next posting......

Really sorry!



Dr B said...

E boat
Hmmm, methinks there is a story in there...something about a "NEW" school and "NEW" place to rent. Ahhh, will life ever cease to be full of surprises, halong as you be full of curiosities and a pint or cheque you receive myteriously from the bank of dinars
they owe you ??? Still can't believe it. Must check it out.
Everything up for !!!

Dr B (for brains & BS)
& the lovely though cough cough
recovering Judy

HRD said...

Remember your experience with Qwest / US West in Denver? That's right ... Vietnam isn't so slow now, is it?


- V -

CN250 said...


Oh hell, Ace...there are MANY new things going on....some dull, others slightly less dull....but new nonetheless!

And I'll Always be full of curiousities and pints, but never cheques (or, at least if I am, they'll be bad cheques)....and whass the Dinar going for nowadays? THey offered me a Dinar's Club card, but I refused....


CN250 said...


No, actually I think Nacchio went into exile here after being brought up on charges in Denver from his Qwest days and he is now C.E.O. of FTP Telecom.....