Monday, February 23, 2009

Jes' wondering.....

I haf nooooo idea HOW many people actually READ this thing, but I haf a question.

I was told by two different people that the white text on black background is kinda annoying and difficult to read.

Please advise me if you'd prefer it in a more readable colour!!

I'm counting on your opinion!! If you don't reply or comment, then you support terrorism!!

So there!! ;-P



HRD said...

I like the way it looks now. In addition the black background is indicative of the darkness of both your soul and the US economy which make it quite appropriate. There are a few times when you use a red font which is tough to read against a black background, but it's done sparingly so not a big deal.

You should also post pictures of whichever one of the local ladies is gonna be your future ex-wife.


- V -

Marla said...

As your lone Bloglines subscriber, I beg to at least use a colour on the black, even just a pale one. It's not that the click-through is so hard, it's just that for ages, I thought you had a picture blog only; and once when you used the light green, I thought there was some bizarre issue with spacing. Then I clicked through, found the white areas were actually text, and realized that you still have a weird issue with spacing, but that's part of your charm.

kirsti said...

I can read it just fine :-) And totally enjoy your posts. I'm always checking to see if you left a new one! xo

Anonymous said...

I like it just the way it is.
Glad you're having fun E.

FM John

Anonymous said...

Your blog is and has been very entertaining - never fails to get a chuckle or two. The black backdrop is cool but maybe you could consider adding a star field to create a 3-D effect that would help with reading the red and green type. See the page at suburbia's latest hot spot for an example.

Regardless, still love reading about your latest adventures.

Take care of yourself,