Friday, October 28, 2016

SO WHAT happened?

.......well, as stated - I got booted from The Facebook.

Yeah, The Facebook has this stupid-ass thing where they boot you off if you use a pseudonym instead of your real name.  Well, I was fine for a while, and I GUESS (most likely this is what happened) that I sent a friend request to somebody who had no clue WHO Kaptin Sinnindebauchery IS in reality, so they thought that it was a spam attempt and reported it.  Facebook messaged me and told me that I had to use my real name.  

I refuse to use my real name on there because:

A)- There are individuals whom I either do not wish to see and/or I'd prefer that they not know where I am.

B ) - I owes, like, ten trillion dollars in student loans......and one of the ways these assholes track you is by looking your real name up on social media!!!  

C)- It's always good to not let current or prospective employers have the ability to look up what you're doing in your life. 

D) - Most importantly, WHAT THE FUCK do THEY need all elements of my identity for??  There really is NO reason that The Facebook needs this information!! 

So, I came up with a totally funny horseshit story about how I there are individuals who would do great harm to my family and myself should they be able to identify and locate me on social media.  They assigned a customer service rep named "Riley" to me and he messaged me back and didn't budge and stated that the rules is the rules and, no, they won't let me use something like my first name and last name initial only.  I THEN gave them links to two different articles talking about how Facebook had publicly stated that they were changing their pseudonym policy because of bullying issues and to protect gay and lesbian and trans-gendered people from bullying and job discrimination and other SPECIAL SITUATIONS!! 

I quoted this to "Riley" and stated - 


Could you please respond "yes" or "no" (or, respectfully, bring on a manager who is authorised to answer) to the two statements below?

1) - So what you are stating is that the Verge article ( ) IS NOT accurate and that there HAS NOT BEEN A CHANGE to The Facebook's real name policy?

2) - According to WIKIPEDIA, they state, regarding the name policy of The Facebook: "The site is developing a protocol that will allow members to provide specifics as to their "special circumstance" or "unique situation" with a request to use pseudonyms, subject to verification of their true identities. At that time, this was already being tested in the U.S. Product manager Todd Gage and vice president of global operations Justin Osofsky also promised a new method for reducing the number of members who must go through ID verification while ensuring the safety of others on Facebook." 

IS THIS FACTUAL? Obviously, I have explained SEVERAL TIMES REPEATEDLY to you, Riley, that I DO have a special, unique, and potentially dangerous situation. IF this Wikipedia article IS correct, then WHY are you not allowing me to safely go by a pseudonym????

Riley, CAN you respond YES or NO to the above two statements? After that, we'll discuss how I wish to proceed regarding my account.

Many thanks!"


They cut me off and killed my profile.....I think the fact that I pointed out that hypocrisy to them really pissed them off!! 

It really doesn't bother me that much at all.  Facebook and Twitter are pretty much killing legitimate conversation and writing creativity and are incredible available time to do OTHER stuff has increased exponentially, so i'm not crying in my beer over this.  

I had dumped it totally in October 2015, then my wife said that people were contacting her repeatedly asking about to spare her the headache, I simply created a new account. 

Sucks that they booted me, but free time has gone up exponentially.

Well, I HAD to contact somebody on there regarding a matter and this individual NEVER looked at their E-Mail (many people don't anymore), so I had no choice.

After getting to their acceptable edit screen, I made an addition of a middle name to my account and -*VOLIA* - I was back on and got ahold of the person!

Still, outside of the occasional posting of pics of the kids, I cannot really see myself living on The Facebook as I had in the past.....really seems to bring out an ugly side in people (occasionally, myself included).

So here I am......


NEXT UP:  'Murica's little bitch!!

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