Sunday, December 15, 2013

As I wait for this week's embarrassment.....

......also known as the Bills game that'll be popping up on my computer screen in an hour-and-a-half, a few random thoughts -

In football, TALK ABOUT SHIT DRAWS for the World's former colonial power and its current colonial power!   

The Limeys get Italy AND Uruguay in the 150°F RealFeel temperatures of Manaus (some tiny-ass town in the Amazon somewheres) and Costa Rica to round out the group?  MAN?? WHOSE Wheaties did THEY shit in to get a draw like that??

I mean, this 2014 World Cup was supposed to have NO cakewalk teams....and it's pretty much stayed true to that billing.  But come-fucking-ON!!!  LOOK at what The Frogs got! The SWISS??  HONDURAS???  And, thee only POTENTIAL threat in that group, Ecuador!!

Somebody felt bad for 'em after all those wars they lost.....

Group "H" is also a cakewalk, with Russia and Belgium easily advancing....fuck, why do they even need to bother showing up during the first three weeks??

Still, my pick to take it all??

URUGUAY!  They've been knocking on the door waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many times now - it's their turn next summer to take their third crown..... 

In handegg, The Bills suck!  

Still, though - doing a hell of a job getting set up for next year!  E.J. Manual will have a year of experience under his belt and will avoid making rookie mistakes in 2014!  We have two of the better running backs in the league in C.J. Spiller and Fast Freddie Jackson and an inconsistent, yet sometimes absolutely DOMINATING front four on the defensive line!!

The to-do list is simple:  Trade off Stevie Johnson!  The constant drops during absolutely CLUTCH DO-OR-DIE situations is really wearing thin!  STILL - he DOES hold good value on the market, and we can prolly get a DECENT offensive guard to replace Andy LeVitre (a HUGE gap in our O-Line this season) or maybe an outside linebacker!

DRAFT??  Get a coupla defensive backs (ONE corner and one safety).  Stefan Gilmore is fucking useless....and Jarius Byrd is pretty good but it's painfully obvious that he does NOT want to be in Buffalo after the way The Bills embarrassed him this past summer by not signing him to a proper long-term contract and then slapping the "Franchise Player" tag on him forra year.  Let Byrd walk or slap ANOTHER Franchise Player tag on him during training camp and trade him before the first game for a Goddamm STUD of an offensive lineman! Grab an outside linebacker or two in the second or third rounds and it could just be 8 and 8 next season!


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