Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well Gawddamm.....

.....wonder how long before they implement THIS here??

Kinda disturbing, yeah....but truthfully?  Not nearly as disturbing as it woulda been a coupla years ago.

After my recent return from a rather stress-filled visit to The States where confrontation, it seemed, was on the menu every other fucking day (and, literally, most of it was NOT initiated by myself) and, shortly after my return to Hai Phong, seeing things like Josh Fox (director of the documentary "Gasland") being arrested in The Halls of Congress and  "Occupy _______________" encampments being destroyed by police in the middle of the night (Whazza matter?  Afraid to dismantle them in broad daylight?), I no longer take transparency in Government for granted pretty much anywhere anymore.

(Oh, and to bạn bè trong cảnh sát reading chào!!)

Went back to The States for a final Christmas holiday with my siblings and my mother.  I say "final" (until IF and when I decide to relocate back to The States....which AIN'T gonna be anytime soon) simply because with Northern U.S. winters being as nice as they are, and my wife wanting me to start spending Christmas here in Hai Phong with our children......well.....the next trip back to The States is gonna be in summer (especially given how pleasant a Hai Phong summer is, meteorologically speaking).

Basically, with my mom in assisted living and my dad having passed on, and nobody wanting to take it, the family house is going on the market.  In addition to spending Christmas with my siblings and my mom, pretty much cleared out what remaining items of mine that I had at my parent's house and headed back here......

....soooooooooooooo......looks like I is stuck here.  And, although it IS Hai Phong, and it's not exactly where I'd WANT to be, given a choice, however there are a lot worse places to be stuck in.  Plus, given the fact that there is opportunity here and the ability for me to control my own destiny (two things that I really can't see happening on the horizon in the next five years in The States).....well.....

....pretty much sealed the deal.

Thanx to friends like Kara, The Deputy, Starann, V, Gord, The Toth, TJ, Darryn, Cyrus C and Gina!  They pretty much prevented a very stressful return back to The States from turning into a total nightmare!

Thanx to my former co-workers Vicki, Peter, Mary, Fire Marshall John, Pam and Mr. Salvon for meeting me out for margaritas at The Batcave.  Great souls whom I miss very much.......was saddened that my former place of employment, where, during my tenure there, basically everybody got along with everybody else and thee very few exceptions (like, meebee two individuals) were just simply tolerated, had disintegrated into a Survivor-like warring tribal-alliance sort of hell.  

Whilst I myself departed said former place of employ on a very sour note (and once I can verify that I'll never return to the field of Urban Planning in the United States within the next decade, I'll explain all about THAT), even up until my final day there......there was nothing like this sort of in-fighting going on that appears to be occuring now.  

It brings me much sadness to hear that..... 

Lighter fare (WIFF PICTURES!) coming up next post....'ppreciate your patience!  Again, JUST got back here, and it was Tet Holiday when I arrived back here, meaning that I had to catch up with folks I hadn't caught up with in a while, do a bit of marketing and chasing after clients, get un-Jet-Lagged, and I also got Brattoo that Tam is gonna drop literally any day now to worry, yeah, I've been rather busy!

More soon,



Anonymous said...

CHILDREN?! You have another on the way?! Dude, you really need to update this more often!! And here I've been dying to see pictures of Emily, now there's going to be another? Congrats!


Anonymous said...

We will be most happy to not censor your block, Mr. Skooter, upon receipt of a monthly tribute (no no no, not a bribe, but a *tribute*) of 2,083,000 VND.

Most Graciously,
The V ... iet Namese Government

CN250 said...

Yeah, of Minh Tuan coming soon ....SOOOOOON! I promise!

To The V....iet Namese Government -

Can you wait until AFTER I reclaim the NHL Playoff Pool Championship in 2012-2013 (assuming there won't be a lockout) for me to give you your manila envelope??