Friday, November 11, 2011

Lots to tell, jes' been very busy......

....mother-in-law (who has helped us immensely in talking care of Emily - albeit that we're PAYING her to do so) in the hospital has greatly increased the burden for Tam and I in terms of taking care of Emily and reducing our free-time......had a couple short-term teaching clients pop in and occupy a LOT of my time the past coupla months..........

.....I hafta head to Ho Chi Minh City for about four and a half days on Monday the 14th.....gonna take some WELL-DESERVED R&R and will write in greater detail then!

Sorry 'bout that!



Anonymous said...

E -
Comment left 15 hours ago wasn't intended to add unhealthy stress!

Your public can wait.


Anonymous said...

Still waiting .... ;-)

- V -