Friday, February 11, 2011

A couple of pics of life in Hai Phong.....

Well - life here don't suck so badly now that Big C FINALLY brought back Castle Milk Stout.....

...still, though - when meandering over to the diaper section, I saw this.....thought to myself:  WOW!!  If I have a Japanese goon baby who can fly, then THESE are the diapers that I want!

It was Tet, so this involves going to all the long-lost relatives houses who are flung alllll over the entire city.....a process that can take anywhere from five hours to three days....

On the way to my wife's aunt's house, I saw this, I've been tryin' ta Pimp My Ride like dat for years now....still no luck!

And then, once we got to said aunt's house....I casually looked over at the curio cabinet, and got flashed by Porky Pig!  WTF??

More in a couple days....some pics from a rather strange trip to Cat Ba Island! After that, I'll write a long-ass post about the past couple years, and plans and such!


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