Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sorry 'bout that....

Just kinda ran off an' left ya.....

....actually, been (near) deathly ill the last coupla days.  WAAAAY too many late-night landings followed by WAAAAY too many crack-of-dawn takeoffs (and nowhere even close to enough proper quality hours of sleep in the bed in the hotel room).......

Cold/Malaria/Dengue Fever/Swine Flu/Yellow Fever/etc..... up and running on or about Tuesday!

Tell ya about India and Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City!!




Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better quick and aren't the first causality of a world wide pandemic!!!

Loved the photo of Kuala Lumpur's monorail! Must be the same vintage as Seattle's.

The Santa altar photo has a faint swastika above his head. I'm a little concerned that a weird Nazi Santa cult has emerged!

All the best in your travels,


E said...

Thanx, Hacksaw!

Naw....feeling a lot better now, thanks! Just been busy cramming classes into a tight schedule before I head back to The States for a few weeks on the 18th of December.

The Monorail of K.L. was nice indeed. LOOKED identical (except for the snail's pace and the grand total of two stoprs of Seattle's monorail....ya couldn't really tell the difference!

In terms of the Swastika....naw, to the best of my knowledge - the swastika was long ago originally a symbol from India (I *THINK*) indicating "peace"....then Hitler and that lot twisted it into a different, grotesque meaning (if ya compare the two, the ancient India swastika is more vertical, ninty-degree-like...and the way the Nazis bastardised it was to twist it into a more sort of diagonal direction)!

Hope ta see ya when I'm back to visit in January!