Monday, June 8, 2009

We'll continue.....

....with some new twists and turns in my Hai Phong experience in a bit.

Right now, I'm sitting down at a sidewalk bar in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), sipping several pina coladas.....and I should actually be sleeping now as I have a 6AM flight to Buffalo to catch, but still....


Yeah.....I is here for the longer haul. Coming back to The States to finalise my affairs and tie up loose ends.

Dates of the E Farewell Tour -

June 10th - June 16th: Buffalo, New York

June 16th - June 23rd: Denver, Colorado and Rapid City, South Dakota (with stops in Chugwater and Cheyenne, Wyoming)

June 23rd - July 2nd: Portland, Oregon

July 2nd - July 5th, New York City, New York

July 5th - July 19th: Buffalo, New York

July 19th - July 22nd: Memphis, Tennessee and Tunica, Mississippi

July 25th: End of tour party - Hai Phong, Vietnam

REALLY hope to see'll be the last time I'll be StateSide for at least the next year....maybe longer!!


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HRD said...

You start a school, then disappear for a month-and-a-half? How do you manage that? I want to know your travel secrets. Are you running guns on the side? Oh wait, wait! Does "a pimp's life is a hard life" have anything to do with it?

- V -